Sunday, May 30, 2010

Long overdue update

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Man has our garden been growing! We have learned a few things in the 3 months since we started this project:

*cucumbers are insane, very bossy, and are trying for total garden domination
*zucchini have leaves that belong in dinosaur land
*I don't use that much basil when I'm cooking
*tomatoes take a really long time to turn red
*it takes a lot of water to keep this going, especially as it gets hotter

We have pulled out the basil plant since I never used any of it and Ryan planted corn seeds. Those have shot up over night. It is so fun to see what is ready to be picked each morning when we go out to water.

Here's what we've harvested so far:
*7 zucchini
*5 cherry tomatoes
*2 green beans

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How does your garden grow??

Ours is growing HUGE!! We are amazed at how well things have taken off and what has grown vs. what hasn't. Here's a little update about what is going on in the garden...

The strawberries seem to have bounced back. I'll be interested to see if they get any bigger this time around.

The sweet basil is on it's way out. We just don't use that much basil and Ryan needs room to grow corn.

See the carrots there?? They're slowly making their way up.
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Visitor

Reagan has seemed to have made herself at home in the corner of our garden. I've caught here twice out there now and I have to pick her up to move her fat booty out of the garden.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

I think they are going to make it!

I really didn't think we'd get strawberries this year (I know, the season isn't over yet) but I found little baby strawberries peeking their way into this world. I can't wait until I can actually eat one!
Here's what I've observed so far:
*the strawberry plant has flowers that blossom
*the flower loses it's leaves
*the stems turn down and the strawberry grows from the middle of what was the flower
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The seeds are a sprouting!!

I planted green bean and carrot seeds and I wasn't sure that they'd actually grow, but lo and behold they sprouted!! Watching the bean sprouts grow is just fascinating. The last picture is the same day, just 6 hours after this first picture!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Topsy-Turvey does work!

Absolutely crazy that this contraption is actually growing plants.
March 14

March 20

We have noticed that not all of our herbs are doing too great here. The 2 oregano plants and cilantro just get too much sun are are droopy and just sad looking. On the brighter side we do have one oregano (on the right) plant that is thriving and the chives and basil seem to be doing well.

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It's already been one week!

Well we've had our garden for 1 week and nothing has died, yet! Here's a quick recap of what has happened and what we've observed in our garden:
*harvested basil and lettuce
*strawberry plants do not like the Arizona sun on them ALL day
*there are lots of flowers on the strawberry plants that will hopefully turn into little strawberries
*all the plants have some sort of new growth going on
*the carrots and green beans have started sprouting!!
*oregano and cilantro aren't big fans of the sun all day
*we figured out a creative way to shade the plants at different times during the day
*lettuce grows fast
*Reagan enjoys laying in the garden